Should I stay in Australia?

Sure. Why not?

If you have to ask, it may be that you should not. Only you can know.

Not if you don't want to !

There is a big wide world out there , so go and explore it !

And then decide if you want to come back here !

It depends on you. Australia is a beautiful place, probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen. People there are really nice and friendly. I have had a wonderful memory there. But my parents were not at Australia and they didn't plan to move to, also because Australia doesn't have a IT industry compared with China, then I moved back at 2016.

Douglas, I'm guessing like me you've immigrated from the U.K and are currently experiencing what can be best described as 'Culture Shock' when I first immigrated in 1995, my wife and I came to Perth, we had no children so it may have been easier for us in that regards, but where it may have been more difficult for us is there was very little connection with back home e.g. face time, Facebook, phone calls home were pretty expensive, even T.V wasn't a relief as there was absolutely no international news programs, just local and national news so you could go a week without knowing what was happening the other side of the world, if your considering going home, Id suggest go home for a holiday first and choose a U.K winter, You'll be amazed how that'll knock the dream of going home, Id also suggest you stick it out for at least 2 years before doing this first trip, also get into social clubs or social environment's, Australians don't meet in pubs and clubs the way we do back home, its all about BBQs, meeting people through the kids school is another great way, if your kids are high school age this is a little harder because its more a quick drive through pick up so meeting other parents isn't as easy though get involved in your kids sports we have met most of our friends that way, its also difficult if one parent doesn't work as this can be very hard staying at home without a social work environment, if its the kids that are unhappy tell them to give a go, they'll get over the distance of friends once they settle and make more friends.
I hope this helps Matey, :)

No way. Go home

By the way where is your home?

If you are Australian join the million expats overseas and find the non PC world that exists out there.

If you are an Alien please feel free to go home to whatever star system you come from

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