Should I stay with my boyfriend after he hit me once?

No hun. No.

Listen, I understand why you're questioning that. I've been there... A few times. Here's what you gotta do...

Break it off, first and foremost.

Now, let's go to therapy! You gotta find what part of you, is alright with some guy, hitting or hurting you?. Love doesn't hurt like this.

Respect and love yourself. I know you have probably heard about enough of that, but really, it's true. Took me about 20 years to get there. .. don't be me. Be quicker! Life is so much more than all the bs we get ourselves sucked into!

Do some deep breathing and find someone to really talk deep with. Love yourself! Take care of yourself! That means, don't let anyone beat you, up or down, not even you!

Stay safe!


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