Should I study with the TV turned on?

Probably not it's a huge distraction potential and maybe information overload to do both.

I find when I am studying or reading on the web my comprehension and retention is significantly better without the TV on in here but probably not as important to have it off with casual web surfing or social media use .

There is a good reason we try to make library's quiet places to study and work or use the web or reference / study media .

At some point multitasking is just not doing anything well and just trying to do more at one time period instead of time /task managing well and scientific studies back that argument .

This depends entirely on your ability to study with the TV turned on. Most people would say that the visual distraction of the TV will probably inhibit your ability to study. If you need something else going on in the room, radio is probably the better option.

How were civil rights and liberties established in the US?

First the Declaration of independence from the rule of a King, then a war for freedom, Then a constitution to abide by made by intelligent men.NO MORE - NO LESS-When you are ready to give your life for what you believe!

What causes engine blow-by?

Blow-by in an internal combustion engine is where the expanding gases caused by the heat of combustion are allowed to escape past the piston into the crankcase. Escaping gases cause a loss of power and efficiency (since any gases that escape are not pushing on the piston to drive the crankshaft).Blow-by is supposed to be prevented by the

What is further from the Earth, the stars or the Moon?

The Moon orbits the Earth.The stars are so incredibly far away that the distance to them is incomprehensible to the human mind in comparison to any sane other distance.The nearest star, the Sun, is still a mind-bogglingly large distance, but it's saner and far closer than the stars of other solar systems. The distance