Should I work out 6 days a week? If yes, do you have any work out suggestions?

That depends what type of exercise you will be doing and what intensity you are performing the exercise at.

I lift 4 days a week and split it up into back/biceps, chest/triceps, legs, and shoulders, with 3 rest days split in between.

Rest is super important and allows your body to grow and repair itself. Don't skimp on your rest days. However, if you would like to exercise 6 or 7 days a week I would suggest doing some light stretching, jogging, or swimming a few days a week in between intense exercise days. This is often known as active recovery and can speed the rate of recovery, but just go easy on these days.

How to stay motivated in school

Maybe you should switch to a music major? Or just drop out(and work) until you think of something you want to do which presumably will require an education, and when that time comes you can go back with a purpose.If you're not even in

Can a 15-year-old get into the stock market?

I purchased my first parcel of shares when I was 14 years old through a discount electronic stock broker which my mother set up for me in her name, of course all the share certificates and the account belonged to my mother - but she was kind enough to let me spend my money on

Why isn't microwaved food bad for you?

At first blush I was of the same opinion as Joshua Engel. However, the correct answer is -- it depends... As food safety expert, I know that there are potential risks in any cooking method. Certain types off foods are by their very nature "potentially hazardous." Foods that are prone to abuse in these areas