Should President Trump investigate Area 51 and tell the American people if there are really UFOs and aliens there?


UFO is not some term for "Alien spaceship"

As far as Aliens at Area 51.. there is nothing to answer in that regards.
There are none. Period. End of.

Area 51 is simply a top secret Aerospace research and development site with craft like the historic U-2, A-12 Oxcart SR-71 Backbird, the F-117, B-2 and other vehicles, most of which are just technology demonstrators and never intended for actual production... were developed.

To this date, Advanced research is still ongoing with classified programs.

No Aliens.
No crashed spaceships.

A U.F.O. is an Unidentified Flying Object.

What part of Unidentified do you not grasp?
A UFO is anything you see in the sky and you do not know what it is... Nothing more or less.

Most UFO's can eventually be narrowed down to either an atmospheric phenomena, Optical illusion, Actual aircraft, Astronomical objects, Natural phenomena, or simply the observer not understanding what it is and misinterpreting what they are seeing. A number of UFO sightings turn out to be actual hoaxes.

A small number of UFO cases simply do not have enough actual evidence in order to determine which of the above cases that particular UFO is.
UFO Conspiricultist seize upon this small group of cases and make the claim "Since you cannot prove a mundane terrestrial explanations for them, then these must be extraterrestrial aliens".

Not enough evidence is just that... not enough evidence. it is not Proof of anything else.

To date... there is not one single shred of actual evidence of alien visitation or spacecraft visiting Earth.

Every single person that keeps conflating UFO = Alien spaceship... Needs to get smacked up back the head.

The military is trying to keep Trump away from Area 51. If he finds out there are aliens in the United States he would likely have them deported. Then he would slap tariffs on their home planet.

I believe that would be an ideal use of his time.

Who can I call to make this happen?

(Q: "Should President Trump investigate Area 51 and tell the American people if there are really UFOs and aliens there?")


First of all, there are no aliens or extraterrestial spaceships there. That is an internet myth that refuses to die.

So if Trump, or any President, would tell the truth and say nothing is there, the true believer conspiracy theorists would deny he is telling the truth. Everyone else would shrug and say, "Of course not. There never was!"

Are the majority of stars we see on the sky at night emitting their own light (like the sun) or just reflecting light from stars resembling the sun?

All stars only emit their own light.Suppose one star is reflecting the light. What's the distance for the nearest star? 4 light years, or something like this. Even a perfectly reflective body will have a dim light to reflect, and if you were seeing it at a distance of 4 light years too, you won't see anything.

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