Should an Indian woman marry at the age of 24?

The scientific evidence says that younger the mom, the healthier is her progeny. Hence a woman who is desirous of having a family must marry early and also start family early. Other than this there is no compelling reason for marrying early. Further there are examples of women who married late due to various reasons but opted to adopt children rather than having their own. Hence unless you want to have your own children, there is no other reason for marrying early.

Is taking fish oil good for the health without exercising?

Yes my friend... Fish oil has many benefits.Read the article thoroughly you will understand the importance of fish oil in diet and I'm pretty sure you will not have to go anywhere to know more about fish oil after reading

I think basketball should have height categories, like wrestling has weight categories. Do you agree?

Wrestling is an individual sport. Basketball isn't. You can match two 115-pounders easily on the wrestling mat. Basketball, not so much. And I frankly don't want to watch basketball at any level where, for example, no player can be taller than 6 feet. Basketball is a tall