Should churches be forced to marry two gay people?

If my existence infringes on your beliefs, that's too bad. I exist. I'm not going to commit suicide just so that your beliefs are preserved.

If my getting or being married infringes on your beliefs, that's too bad. I'm not getting married in your church.

Why should your interpretation of God take precedence over my rabbi's or my own? What justification do you have for saying I should respect your version of God?

If you think any self-respecting gay person would want to get married in a church that's apparently as inflexible and discriminatory as yours, you can stop worrying about it. The recent Obergefell decision says that I have a legal, civil right to a legal, civil marriage. It does not require churches or pastors to officiate those marriages, just like laws that allowed interracial couples to get married didn't require churches or pastors to officiate at them. Oh, and Catholic priests can still refuse to officiate at the wedding of a divorced person. Mormons can still refuse entry to Mormon temples to anyone who isn't a full-fledged Mormon. My rabbi can still say "I won't marry an interfaith couple."

So guess what? Your church doesn't have to worry about ever officiating at my marriage or any of my LGBT brothers and sisters' marriages.

If you can't tell the difference between a legal marriage and a religious ceremony, I suggest you read up on it and educate yourself.
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