Should healthcare be free?

No, the people in Europe and Canada and some other countries use a tax-based paying system ("nationalized health insurance") so someone is paying in advance for care which is actually good in the living examples. People in those countries pay higher taxes but they're getting something valuable in return and probably about what US citizens pay to the private medical industry and for "co pay insurance" paid to for-profit insurance companies.

It's the for-profit insurance companies who bribed their way through Congress in the Nineties to force non-profit companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield to become for-profit. The result in the first year was $1 billion in increased insurance profits paid by US "consumers." Now it's much more and the burden falls mostly on people who get really sick and need extensive treatment and need long recovery periods.

Lowering taxes" is the universal cry of one Party. They get what little reduction there is for us right back out of our pocket books for themselves.

We have been screwed by so many political party scams we forgot to be outraged. And don't let anyone tell you one party is better than the other.

Nothing in this world is free - nothing! I am a Canadian & as such am entitled to Universal HealthCare (UHC); but, it is not free! Think of the healthcare providers, the medical facilities, the medicine & the testing, the research - it all costs money. So in Canada, when a citizen pays his/her taxes, a certain percentage is set aside for UHC. As a young, healthy, single person, you may have little, even no need for this system that guarantees that should you require medical attention, it will be there for you - from the ambulance & EMR staff to the triage nurse to the operating room & surgeon to your bed, meals, meds, treatment & if necessary, follow-up rehab. But have just one accident - a little tired after that late exam, step out in front of that car/bus & you will be taken care of - at no additional cost to you. Or, get a little older, start a family & they will be taken care of from pre-natal to their falling off that first bike to their own little ones. Its the miracle of taxes & the willingness to share - a little from everyone adds up to a lot for all. During my working years, I think the most I paid was $150 per month, plus an additional $20–30 to cover other medical costs such as prescriptions, glasses, additional therapy (acupuncture, massage, chiroprator's service, etc.). For many years, the biggest reasons for me to see a doctor was either for migraine medicine or new glasses. Now, retired I see my doctor a lot more regularly - age, arthritis, glaucoma, etc,. have all arrived on the scene & I require more maintenance. (yes, just like my 15 yo van) But, I probably pay less than $250/year plus $35 - 40 per month for additional coverage that allows me to travel with none, or at least fewer, medical worries.

So should healthcare be free: it can't be. But, if you pay taxes, you should be provided with the basics of good medical healthcare at NO ADDITIONAL charge to you. If you are among those living on social assistance, well I would think you have enough on your plate, & that medical expenses should be part & parcel of your coverage by the state. Fair - not free, should be the byword here.

Yes , because created money is free (zero cost) and is meant to be used for all "commons."

Taxes are not needed for running the economy for money-creating nations. USA trashes taxes.

To lower GINI, USA can also institute more commonwealth, less Insurance and private banks, and taxes to fund states of the Union from only the the top few % of the population collected by USA and passed to States to prevent plutocrats playing favorites with States and removing regressive sales tax.

USA can easily pay for education, welfare, SS without FICA, Medicare for all, free fire and Police, Catastrophic Insurance, Roads and Infrastructure, etc. with free zero-cost fiscal deficits. It is actually supposed to which is why it is allowed to create money for free.

USA is being ruined by too much free enterprise and private plutocracy.

Well first of all, nothing is free, it usually is taxpayer funded. To start off, as a taxpayer I want to make sure that my taxpayer dollars go towards protecting and defending the U.S constitution. I do not want my taxpayer dollars to go towards something that will make a service way more expensive than it should be. That is wasting my taxpayer money. However, I am more than willing to voluntarily give my money away to something that does good. This "Thing" is privatised Healthcare. By privatising healthcare, there will be competition to both reduce prices while increasing quality. Also, privatised healthcare gives companies incentives to become a lot more efficent and thrifty with there money. This leads to less money needed to treat a sick person, which is great. One thing I understand is that some people just can't afford it, even if the price goes down. This is why I am more than willing to give my money away to help a poor and sick person out. No, I am not an evil rich man who wants to get rid of the poor, I just want a healthcare system that will benefit the American people the most.

Nothing is ever free. But we all inhabit human bodies, that can get sick or in a car accident, for example.

I believe we should all pay for it with our taxes, in a single-payer plan. That cuts out the middleman-the insurance companies. Do you have any idea how much profit they make? All while denying care and medications to people who need them and adding huge layers of beauracracy to every doctor visit.

I have lived in the UK and Germany, and had a baby in Germany, so I have experienced Nationalised healthcare. It is superior to the system we have here in the US.

no, not free. I used to work in a skool, at the end of the year I tried to send home the (at the time) $90 epi pens, $120 circular inhalers (think Advair) and the parents would say, "throw that crap in the trash, we have Medicaid, we'll get another one next year". It didn't come from their pocket; they didn't see the value of it. What we get for "free" we misuse, overuse, devalue, distrust, generally waste it. Some type of payment should come from your own pocket, otherwise what is to stop each and everyone of us from presenting to an ER each and every day with a new pain complaint to be worked up at someone else's expense?


just my two cents

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