Should teachers display students failed projects in the classroom?

Only if they also approve of the stocks as a method for improvement.

Nothing is gained by humiliating a student in front of his peers.

  • The student will hate that teacher. Rightly so, because s/he just behaved like an insensitive ass.
  • The rest of the class will totally think worse of that teacher. Rightly so, because see above.
  • An action like that creates an atmosphere of fear. Students will be afraid to fail, they will hesitate to ask questions and you can't get much learning done in a toxic environment like that.
  • The only people in that class that might be impressed by a move like that, will be bullies. And do you really want their approval?

Take a look at these displays which do not display failed projects.

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ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Nothing is gained by that, unless the teacher thinks humiliation is a teaching tool.
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