Should we do heavy workout daily?

It depends on how used to you are with working out.

Usually newbies are encouraged not to go all out everyday since your body will require rest for recovery.

However elite athletes and lifters usually do heavy workout almost everyday with suitable food and supplements for faster recovery. Moreover their bodies have been conditioned for rigorous exercises over a long period which enables them to cope up with the associated fatigue.

If you are aiming to become an elite, you need to take it as a long goal rather than trying to achieve it very soon.

That will also enable your cardio vascular system to be capable of supporting your body and it will be worthwhile.

Try to address different muscle groups on alternate days to begin with. After several months, you should be in a position to scale up accordingly.

What's the least effective way to get into shape and get fit but still works?

I really don't know why are you even asking this... is it just for knowledge or is it you don't like working out and still want to be fit.tell me why you want to see results in next 10 years which you can see in next 2. The fact is if you don't like what you do, you will

What does a diet without sugar look like?

I'm going to take you at face value and answer what a diet completely eliminating sugar as much as possible.First, you have to get to know your labels on food.  You don't just look for sugar in the ingredients list.  High fructose corn syrup is out.  Anything that ends in ose

What does it mean if a girl already has a boyfriend but still glances at good-looking guys from time to time?

It means she has a healthy dose of being a human being. It's natural to like to look at nice looking things.My wife and I look at all sorts of people all of the time. Sometimes, she would say something about him/her and sometimes, I would do the same. What matters