Should we leave a relationship just because we know it won't last forever?

Unless you are a real ascetic living far away from the clutches of any bonding,your question answers itself with an emphatic "NO".)
Or in other words:
Yes, you definitely should, if you find a relationship that lasts forever contradicting your own assertion in question.

Infact nothing lasts forever let alone relationships.Purpose of Life is not to seek things which last forever but to seek those memories which can be cherished forever.
How to eat more by eating less

Below article gives more details....pls read carefully...More Food, Fewer Calories?Energy density is the key to healthy, high-volume eatingBy Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LDFROM THE WEBMD ARCHIVESHow would you like to eat more food and feel fuller, yet take in fewer calories?Here's the secret:

What is the most effective method to build up one's endurance and strength in swimming?

Consult your physician before starting any exercise routine.1. Eat foods that are nutrient dense. That means a plant-based, whole foods diet. Don't listen to anyone trying to tell you about some new food craze. Fruits and vegatables along with whole grains when you're calorie needs increase

Is it harder to muscle up if my hands don't go all the way round the bar?

Greetings fellow gym rat!First of all, congrats on doing that many unbroken pull-ups and chest to bar pull-ups strictly - that is a feat in and of itself!And I'm going to argue that your hands not going all he way around the bar will serve to your advantage!However, that is only a