Should you do push-ups and sit-ups every day?

Any kind of exercise is good .Body needs to burn calories doing push-ups and sit-ups not only burns calories but also improves for body posture and core strength.Doing these small things everyday can be helpful to reach a fitness level you aspire to get.

Simple rule of fitness should be you should burn calories proportional to amount of calories you intake.If your calories intake is high you should do more push -up and sit-ups .

Start as early as possible to have routine of these exercises everyday and gradually increase your count of routines and you will see impact on body core strength within weeks.

Enjoy this with a smiling face life will be beautiful.

What are the best techniques to build an awesome body for beginners?

Most youngsters get excited and started following a routine similar to an advanced athlete.Say for an example, a beginner notices a veteran lifter doing a concentration curls with his 18 inch arm.The beginner thinks thats how you build a 18 inch arm!He then includes bicep day twice a week with an emphasizes on concentration curls!In the end, only disappointment

What causes muscle cramping under the chin?

Assuming we take out the really bad issues we are left with the generic causes for muscle cramping know technically as spasm. Most spasm is caused by excessive muscle use followed by a localized lack of function in the sodium and potassium pump usually

What makes Indian men happy?

WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED:Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put . The garage is all yours . Wedding plans take care of themselves . Chocolate is just another snack . You can be President . You can never be pregnant . You can wear a white