Should you enter into a relationship with someone who is genuinely nice and would treat you well, even if you don't find them physically attractive?

Personally, I'd say yes. I have good reasoning for that too. Physical attraction is fairly important in most relationships and a lot of the time you start talking to someone based off of liking what you see physically. Now, let's assume you start dating this person who you don't find attractive, the longer you get to know them & the more attractive their personality becomes, oddly enough the more attractive they start to become physically to you.

For me everyone starts off neutral. I don't know why but there's no "attractive meter" in my head when we first meet. Now, if this person turns out to be horrible - they start becoming ugly and it's the same in the opposite way. If they're great, they'll become attractive. I think that's how you can say "you're just more beautiful to me everyday"..attractiveness grows with love.

What is the best time for students to go to bed at night and wake up early in the morning?

I sleep no later than 12AM and wake up at 7:30AM. And then I go to sleep a little later and wake up a little later on Friday night / Saturday morning, before returning to the regular routine on Sunday.

What role do carbohydrates play in building muscle?

Carbohydrates help provide our muscles with energy to produce force during exercise (1). Many studies show that moderate to high carbohydrate intake enhances resistance exercise performance and muscle growth when compared with low-carbohydrate diets (2-5).A single resistance exercise session reduces muscle glycogen content by 25-40% (1).

Migraine sufferers! Have you found a way to cure yourself and live migraine free?

Very nearly, yes, as my credential states.Sodium valproate, an anti-epileptic also used to prevent migraine, has changed me from being permanently in fear of triggering a migraine, and having symptoms more than 50% of my days, to being surprised by the occasional rare