Should you get back with a casual ex after seven years? Does anyone have success stories of getting back together after many years?

I have not done this.

I look at any failed relationship as having suffered from at least 2 things. The situation that ended the relationship and the inability of the couple to work together to resolve a problem.

This suggests that in the future, even if they were able to forgive and forget the past, should another problem present itself, the couple likely won't be able to overcome it.

Seven years is a long time. New experiences, new habits, new tastes and different points of view. This would not really be getting back together. It would be a new relationship with a different but familiar person.

I still wouldn't do it. There are so many other people in the world that don't have a preexisting known incompatibility with me. It isn't worth it.

Will I see results if I Join planet fitness?

No.  Yes.  Maybe.No - most people purchase low-cost gym memberships and never show up to the gym; low-cost gyms actually base their entire business plan on this happening.  So, no, if you join Planet Fitness you won't see results if you don't show up.Yes - The only way to see results after joining a gym

I do cardio twice a week for 30 minutes. Is this enough?

Congratulations on making the decision to get healthier. Doing cardio is a great way to support your eating plan. If you are interested in getting leaner, this is a perfect choice as it will work all of the muscles in your body. However, you will probably want to include one more