Should you wash your hair everyday?

NO !



Here are just a few of the many reasons out there.

It Strips Your Hair Of Its Natural Oils

It's true that too much oil isn't necessarily a good thing, but some natural oil is essential to the health of your hair. Over washing can strip the nature of its Natural Oils, thus leaving it drier and more prone to breakage.

It Dulls Shiny Locks

Matrix haircare points out that one of the best ways to restore shine to your hair , is by washing less frequently, which helps prevent dryness and preserve luster.

Dirty Hair Can Be Easier To Style

Particularly for pin straight hair that doesn't like to hold a curl, In Style points out that dirty hair can be used to your advantage and actually make your hair easier to style!

It Costs You Time

Imagine how many more times you could press snooze if you didn't have to worry about the morning blow dry!

You'll Actually Have Less Grease

While most of us wash our hair to get rid of grease, it turns out that over washing the hair can cause the scalp to become drier and therefore produce more oil to compensate.

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