Some people say the flat bench press works your lower chest more than your upper, but I've gone up in weight at the gym a lot and I don't see my upper chest lagging behind. Are people wrong about this?

Answer: Theres alot of controversy around this topic. I have found that the upper chest (through my experience and research I have seen) is activated during regular bench pressing AND overhead pressing. The only difference is a slight advantage of the DEGREE of stimulus focusing on the upper chest. As a nonenhanced lifter it will not make as much hypertrophic progress to focus solely on inclined pressing (doesnt make a huge difference).

I personally use dumbbell inclined pressing, but just for the sake of killing boredom than actually caring too much about my upper chest (and with calisthenics I do ALOT of pushups and dips so i like to vary it up with a different angle for fun).

I sometimes do dumbbell flat, inclined, and military press in a push session just to not be bored (i mostly do calisthenic, but if I do weights its various dumbbell work).

I saw similar results with and without inclined pressing AS LONG AS I AM CONSISTENT with whatever press movement I use.

At the end of the day its about what keeps you motivated to train consistantly.

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