Specific Indian Actors and Actresses: How is Anushka Sharma in real life?

Anushka Sharma was my senior in Army Public School, Bangalore. She is one year elder to me.

Her father is an army officer. When I was in 9th, she was in 10th and she had already started modelling for a few small time ads. Her name had appeared on the Bangalore times front page. She was very popular in school. She still looks the same even now.

She appeared in an ad of Spinz talc which used to appear regularly on TV. Check it out 

What are the best news websites in the world?

I begin my day by looking at the current front pages of 25 top News websites by going to this link for the top News:http://eflip.com/tag/News/Top%20...Eflip shows the CURRENT webpages of all these 25 news sites (actually it shows the current pages for almost 400

Do you feel that certain concepts/aspects of Tolkien's work were wrongfully excluded from The Silmarillion?

No. Sure the Silmarillion was published in full after Tolkien's death but most of his works on this age of middle earth were published within. Not even his last minute story changes are excluded as notes by Christopher Tolkien are included. Besides, if you cannot find something in the Silmarillion, it

How has Netflix positively affected the film and television industry?

Netflix affected the industry in a very positive way for the consumers. Access to quality content is now easier and cheaper. You can decide on your own what you want to watch and when you want to watch it as opposed to tracking the TV listings to find something relevant that broadcasts now.They