Suppose a child who lived with animals for years come in contact with humans. If he learns human language, can he translate animal language into human language?

One doesnt need to grow up with animals to understand them. They are easily understood by people willing to learn how to talk n behave with animals.

All animals communicate and it doesnt take a genius to figure out what it us that they want. Common expressions are same for humans and animals.

What should every programmer know about UML?

Making diagrams can be invaluable, but don't worry about the shape of arrows.Drawing boxes, words and arrows is an awesome way to put things outside your brain, freeing up memory and processing power to think bigger things. Get a multicolored pen and you've probably doubled the problem complexity your brain is able to tackle!

What are the benefits and drawbacks of running 10 km daily?

First of why the hell you wanted to run 10 km daily???Even if u wanted to do goes my answer :-If u are a guy having mesomorph type of body structure and if you are trying to practice for

What is a good way to start learning the baby steps of hacking?

It's depend of you technical background, if you are looking for hacking systems then you should take a pentester course like:OSCP - Offensive Security Certifications, Training, Courses and Servicesbut i think is an avance course, if you want a baby steps of hacking then you should try a challenge sites like:HackThis!! - The