Teachers: What is your favorite tech tool to use in the classroom?


During my college years, I had 2 professors that integrated useful and engaging technology to the classroom. The classes used to stand out in a positive way. They used different kinds of software during the learning process such as Google Drive, Zoom and Create beautiful text and web polls, surveys and open-ended questions easily. All of these tools helped the students to learn quicker and be more engaged.

I especially liked the live-polling tool, which made it possible to get the results in real time and share it with the audience.

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I am happy this question is raised, as I have always felt there is a need to bring more tech into the classroom. You want to be on the same page with your students.

This is a tech-savvy generation, so you need to have at least some tools to engage them.

Polling is a great tool for that. Once you feel you are losing the interest and the attention of the classroom, you can just start a poll with a question and let your students answer it using their phones.

This can be a question related to the subject, or just a question to see how the students like the class.

With Swift you can write your questions and answer options beforehand and then start the poll during the class.You can also switch between different questions and collect free-form feedback with this tool.

Swift Polling offers a free plan, so you can try and test it and see if it works in your class.

Hope this helps!

Hmm ... so many to choose from, but if I could only pick 1, I think that for the most versatility, it's hard to go past the Smartboard.  You can play games on it, everyone can see it, I even get the kids to mark their own roll by clicking on their pic when they come in!  The interactivity of the technology is only limited by your imagination!

If you 're using the Notebook software, I've created a revision game that can be modified for your subject/class.  It's free but I'd love for you to post a testimonial on my site if you like it.

Page on troubleshootingshitclassrooms.com
I recently started using a great new site called Wideo in my classroom. It allows me to make cute, short clips for my class, and I plan on having my students create short videos to present for pertinent topics.
 wideo - Anyone can make cool videos.

We use Faronics Insight for classroom management and it works well. This classroom management software solution provides one central computer for managing my class effectively, eliminate diversions, help me with real-time class monitoring and facilitate collaborative learning.

One can never go wrong with an ipad. It has a screen recording tool, so tough topics like chemistry mechanism reaction could be posted pnline for easy access. Also, Prezi for presentations, because PowerPoint can be bland sometimes :)
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