Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.

Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at least one hoop and a ball. But still in the grand scheme of things is a very cheap sport to play.

Tennis is a cultural thing I think, as its more like basketball in a sense that equipment is fairly minimal and a court is a court once made. They don't require a ton of upkeep either.

Golf, is elitist because it simply has to be. It requires big tracks of land, maintainence, etc just to be playable. Then high dollar equipment, lost balls, clothing, etc and golf is easily a sport with a ton of barriers for entry if you have less money available for entertainment.

It doesn't matter what country you are in, what sport is popular can generally be predicted by the local economy.

Why is December 21 considered the shortest day of the year?

It isn't. The shortest days of the year in 2016 were every day except for December 31, 2016 (at 23:59:60 UTC) when a leap second occurred. December the 21st had 86,401 seconds instead of the usual 86,400 seconds. The next leap second will probably be 30th of June 2018.Leap

Recently, I was hit by a car, but now I feel absolutely normal, but the only thing I noticed was a concave rib. Should I go to the hospital, even if I have no signs of a fracture, not even pain?

If it were me I would go to my sports-medicine certified chiropractor. Experiencing that type of impact has undoubtedly created some bones that are out of place, that you might not even feel or realize until the body's attempts to compensate for those misalignments has started to cause real symptoms later. Plus, the rib thing. If