The next Avengers movie will bring back many characters. How far back in time should it go, and which villains would return by default?

Yes, we think there should be some time travel - but do not know as don't know either how the soul stone works containing and how, or not, the lost souls.

So if time travel it is, then they should go back to GotG 1 time, for instance, to relocate the power stone or before Ragnarok time to prevent Thanos to get the power stone. Suddenly my other options look even more difficult - if not stupid - so I rather stick with this.

...for now...

What is a fast internet speed?

Internet service providers express speed in terms of the number of bits you, the user, receive per second. A fairly high-speed connection of 10Mbps allows you to download roughly 10 million bits per second from the Internet. Upload speeds are generally much slower than download speeds.According to Microsoft, the most common high-speed Internet

Who is the best Marvel Comics superhero?

This can't be answered because there's no such person. I'm going to stick with superheroes and not touch on the various cosmic entities like the Beyonder or Living TribunalSpider-Man is the most profitable, so you could say it's him. But in the comics he seldom has a huge