The size of a program is 164 kb. I want it to be under 100 kb. How can I do it?

If you're talking about size of a "process" is 164 mb, then find out if you're using datatype in a greedy manner.

Look at this C code.

int a = 5; //always less than 500

int b = 2; // always less than 500

Here.. 4 bytes is getting wasted for such a small range of numbers.

So add modifiers.

short int a = 5;

short int b = 2;

Now it has become 2 bytes each.

Initially the program used 8 bytes of memory

Now the program uses only 4 bytes of memory in total. So that's 50% more compressed

Yes you can. Just try a new way of solving it with less no. of lines of code.

Does singing have a scientifically proven effect on your life?

there are plenty of studies on the effect of studying music.  It helps young children's brains function better.  How Playing Music Affects The Developing BrainI am sure that singing has similar effects.

What does it take to have intelligent life on Earth?

Your question itself is a start.Prioritizing the...truth above any and all beliefs, including scientific as well as religious ones, is an absolute requirement. Good luck with that though.Some people actually find the truth though, and are willing to admit it:USAF OSI Investigator Concludes Billy Meier UFO Case RealBilly

How much time can a man live without drinking water?

In ideal conditions at room temperature (70 farenheit/21 degrees celsius) with no food, a person could potentially last as long as 12 days.  This would be on the extreme end of human survival though; a more likely estimate would be approximately 3-5 days without water.If