They say that the simple things in life are often the best, so what are your simple things that make your life worth living and worthwhile for you?

The returned love of a person that you love, on a level of trust so high that jealousy has no logical reason to exist, because you know each other so well, including their ultimate level of commitment and contentment.

Best friend lovers who support each other even thru the rough patches. Such a relationship seems very rare, which only serves to highlight what an amazing simple pleasure that it is.

Animals! So simple, uncomplicated, unpretentious, in the moment spontaneous, fun, loving, soft, cute cute cute, healthy to the human cardiovascular system. The best life saving, enriching, enhancing, entertainment that Mother Nature has to provide a needy species as the human being!

There are many, i listed down a few.

  1. Love and being loved, Respect the difference.
  2. Forgive, have less expectations and enjoy your life.
  3. Help others, do one act of random kindness daily and share the happiness.
  4. Have open mind , learn new things, meet new people and explore your life.

"Learn to appreciate the beautiful gift of life because being alive is a privilege not an entitlement."
― Edmond Mbiaka

Welcoming a new day

Every morning to me is another opportunity to be grateful. I usually spend the first five minutes of the morning reminding myself of how blessed I am to be granted another shot at life.That alone makes me value my life more.

Unconditional Love from Family

By now everyone that reads my posts would have noticed that I talk a lot about my family. This is simply because they mean everything to me. Having them shower me with genuine love, gives me a feeling of fulfillment, it gives more value and meaning to my life.Family is a reminder that my existence is important to other people and hence helps me to value my life more.


They are the cutest beings ever. No matter how bad my day is, when I see those small innocent little beings, I get a mood lift. I am instantly happy and oblivious to any thing that could make me sad. They make live worth living.


Traveling to different places around the globe is one of my many hobbies. The world is so vast and knowing that I still have a lot of places which I am yet to visit is enough reason to take care of myself.


Though there are many more things I could list, I will end my list with this one. I feel like I have an intimate relationship with music.

Shakespeare in his novel entitled Twelfth Night wrote "If music be the food of love, play on;Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die."

Music is like a drug to me, it has the ability to get me in touch with my feelings. I listen to music when I am sad and when I am happy. I play the piano or the guitar when I feel depressed, I don't know any better medication for depression.

Coffee (for real).

My dogs, so much fun to play with and love.

Gardening. I love my house, and my yard, and gardening is something that satisfies my creative self, my need to do something, and my love for wildlife.

Companionship. My hubby, my dogs, my family, my friends. We don't have to do anything extravagant, just spending time together is what I love.

Cooking. I love to do for other people, and I love to cook. Oh, and I love to eat!

If we were to show aliens visiting our planet two countries on earth that represent the human race and human life, what countries would you pick?

We can't choose countries. We must choose museums where artifacts, human histories, cultures, sports, books, photos, past and present, are displayed. We will need all cultures presented in videos, can be long series. We have to let them know our architecture, religions, philosophies, sciences, governments and military too.

What will happen to the Moon of a planet tidally locked to its star?

What will happen to the Moon of a planet tidally locked to its star?Probably nothing in particular, but it might be difficult for the situation to arise in the first place.If the moon is relatively small, it will continue in its orbit. Depending on the characteristics of the

What would happen if India nuked itself?

To start, a very large mushroom cloud and a tragic loss of life.Then comes the investigation, as politicians are very fond of assigning blame, even if they are ultimately responsible for making sure there are all of the safeguards required by a nuclear armed country.In the interim, there will be all kinds of conspiracy