To fulfill your dreams and work ambitions what do you think is the best place between Europe and the USA ( the country of the famous "American dream")?

On so many fronts, and in spite of the millions of truly wonderful people who live there, the US is not in a happy space right now. It is like watching a nation self-destruct through one extremist, hypocritical idiocy after another. So, for me the answer is self-evident! The so-called American Dream - as has always been the case - is possible for some but not for all, given the many barriers in place and in spite of the Constitution and its assurances and guarantees.

When doing heavy weightlifting/strength training, is it possible for the brain to reach a state of pseudo-hypoxia?

Not ordinarily. However, there are situations where a black out can happen.If you do a front squat and the bar is too far back on your delts and pressing on your throat, it can obstruct blood flow to the brain.In Olympic lifts like the clean, there is a

What fears a divorced husband most in giving his teenage daughters' custody to the mother?

I'd fear the mother's boyfriend/s. Then local men who will look at the girls as new meat.It's all too common for teenagers to be abused by the men in their mother's life.The prevalence and seriousness of incestuous abuse: stepfathers vs. biological fathers.Train your girls and boys in self defence before they go anywhere.