Under what conditions would a marriage counselor recommend divorce?

I know these conditions, but maybe there are more.
In general - when one side can't or do not want to obey normal spouse's responsibilities and/or obligations:
  1. when one side don't want or can't have children (or intymacy), but another side wants.
  2. when psychological abuse becomes unbearable, and clearly goes toward physical abuse.
  3. when wife is adulterous. In some cultures husband's adultery is not considered crucial.
  4. when spouse has psychical-mental or incurable illness or serious disability. In some cultures this reason is considered very important.
  5. when spouse spends too much time far from home, dissapears or missing.

If there is a fight between Iron Man and Spider-Man, who will win and why?

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Why do I have to be a well-rounded person?

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