Was JFK a big deal to Irish people in Ireland?

I was born in the 60s, so I don't remember anything about the early part of this era, but we have all heard the stories and YES it was a huge deal - I can remember one of my earliest memories asking my mother who the glamorous couple were in a photo on prominent display in our sitting room and being told that that this was John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie, at that stage it meant nothing to me - but I presumed that they were at least related to us, however, it was years. later I discovered the tragedy of the JFK story and that he was the first Irish American President of the US, he had visited Ireland in the summer of '63 and would be assasinated in November of that year. Most Irish people were mesmerised by him - unlike any President of the States before that - He was young, enthusiastic and a marvellous orator and as with most other people in the world - most Irish people of the time would be able to recall where they were when they heard the sad news that JFK had died.

How is LA style salsa different from Cuban salsa?

LA style salsa dancing is done always on a straight line,as an example,you displace yourself or your partner from left to right or vice versa but on a straight line,this makes it ideal when you perform and the audience is right in front of you,also LA style is danced more upright

What is the best way to regain energy after getting home from work?

Plenty of water and a good brisk walk out of doors are good ways to re-energize and get your heart pumping good, strong blood. This is good for the heart muscle and the rest of the body will follow as you put away the stress of the day.A half hour of

How does one become a citizen of the United States?

One has to get here through a legal immigration process first, such as being a fiance of a U.S. citizen or arriving on a work visa and then get a green card (permanent resident status). THEN one can work towards citizenship.From the government's own website: How to Become a U.S. Citizen | USAGovU.S. Citizenship