Were the U.S election hacks sponsored by the Russian state government?

We do not know that for sure, because of the Dem cover up. The inept Obama administration drove itself in the corner. On the one hand, they had been lying that the crime Hillary Clinton committed is not that dangerous, because her unsafe server maybe was not hacked. On the other hand, they are sounding in the mode of the top Dems, trying to blame the Russians for the Dem Party defeat in the elections.

In the typical leftist spin, they are doing their best to convince us that the Russians did not use the Clinton's breaches of secrecy but hacked more secure sites. We have another reason to distrust what we hear from the worst Administration in the US history.

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CIA don't release methods of their findings or sources. The entire security community agrees the source of the Democratic Party leaks was Russia, with ties to the Kremlin. The leaked emails from Colin Powell and Dr. Rice show the Republican party was also hacked. But only the Democratic Party was drip feed throughout the election run.

Interpreting your question strictly, the answer is no, because there is no evidence anywhere that anyone gained improper access to any election system to change the vote count.

The alternate question is "did Russia try to influence the outcome of the election?" That is more possible, but it's certainly inconclusive if Russia did anything along these lines.

But given that the US has tried to influence the outcome of elections in other countries, it should come as no surprise that another country might try to influence the outcome of our elections.

There's been literally no evidence provided besides circumstantial evidence from intelligence agencies (which as we know are so trustworthy). So no, unless someone can give actual proof that Russia hacked the election I am going to remain skeptical.

There seems to be agreement among our top security a law enforcement agencies, that the hacks came from entities within the Russian government, and not from private hackers. I would assume they have the expertise and equipment to know that, or they wouldn't say it. Others, with lesser or no expertise, and no access to the actual data, seem to believe differently, but even when we're grown up, we're still free to believe in the tooth fairy, and look under the pillow for that money in the morning.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says, "Fortunately we didn't see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like. But a lot of education and training went on about that, and a significant number of states did reach out to DHS and talk to them about these issues."

I believe we will have years of scapegoats trotted out to continue to deny the massive Democratic failure of this election, ending finally with blaming a group of old, racist church ladies in Dogville, Ohio. But they will of died of old age, so they won't be able to rebut the Hillary Cult.

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