Were there presidents and first ladies who were on the verge of divorce when he was elected President of the United States?

I have never known any presidential candidate couples intimately enough to speculate on the state of their marital relationship. Many of the male candidates had "rumors" of extra-marital women, FDR and Eisenhower come to mind. Eisenhower's long-time driver, Kay Sommersby, was long "believed" to be his mistress among the upper echelons of the military.

I can't imagine how anyone in the general public would know the marital condition of a candidate couple, unless they had once filed divorce papers or for a legal separation.

I started a daily workout routine. However I am very sore after day 1 and having a hard time walking. Should I wait until the soreness has decreased before resuming?

No, you should just stop trying to hammer yourself into the ground with every workout.Intensity is great, and I totally understand the desire to bust your butt from day 1 onward, but it can be detrimental from the perspective of motivation.Getting sore on day 1 makes day 2 that

Does the Bible condemn having a homosexual orientation or just homosexual acts?

The bible isn't against being homosexual and it doesn't say anything against homosexual acts between two consenting loving partners.There are a lot of people who will point to Leviticus and say "hey! Look here, you're wrong Josh!" To which I would respond to read the entire

What should I do to achieve financial freedom or to become rich in 10-20 years?

If you do not have financial compulsions to earn, I would recommend that you should complete your graduation and join your family business. The you should pursue MBA from a reputable university offering your distance education. After gaining experience for 3-4 years, you yourself would be in a