What 12 things you probably don't know about Africa?

Actually, I don't know too many things about Africa, I never visited Africa as well and I don't have any friend from Africa. Rather than Djembe, the African percussion and the culture show about it, I rarely know anything else. I know Djembe because I love to play any percussion, and that is one of the most interesting percussion. So let me list the 12 things I don't know;

  1. The most attractive culture from Africa
  2. The most beautiful places in Africa
  3. The climate in general
  4. Native beliefs
  5. Native wisdoms
  6. The most attractive foods and drinks
  7. The safest country in Africa
  8. The genetic history in the perspective of native people of Africa
  9. The voodoo
  10. African shamanic healing
  11. The famous legends / myths from native Africans
  12. The general perspective of native African about the world today

If I don't them, I can't tell you. However, if I had to guess.....

  1. cheese on tap
  2. Lions are vegans, all the killing is for the cameras.
  3. Cheeto trees
  4. Underground river of beer
  5. Aging backwards
  6. Everyone has tails
  7. People can regrow limbs
  8. 9 lives for everyone
  9. Everyone hangs upside down to sleep
  10. Men are the fairer gender.
  11. Shit fight Sunday's
  12. Flying carpets for transportation

Just about any of it.

What should one know/figure out before confessing their love for someone?

You should know if a) You really know this person and if your perception of him is reality, or is what you know of him just what he wants you to know. b)Is it love or just attraction? c) What are you expecting his response

Have any of you guys ever fallen in love with someone else while in a committed relationship?

I've done this four times - each time my wonderful wife had one of our children.(spouse brownie points for me)!if you like the answer please upvote and if you really like it please choose to follow.

Can a CA become a successful businessman?

I have been consultant to CA firms. Last year I took a 3 month project for a CA firm, What I found is that they lack managerial skills. ICAI does not allow them to do marketing/advertisement and due to this most of CAs