What 3D animation software is the easiest to use?

Easy and 3D animation software rarely go hand in hand. It takes time to understand the concept of 3D in animation. You learn one by one each and every concept, get familiar with the interface. According to me, Cinema 4D and Maya interface is easier to get familiar with, where Blender's interface is quite confusing initially. However, once you get used to, any software can do anything that you want to achieve.

I personally use Blender for modelling, retopology, rigging and animation.

for texturing and UV mapping I prefer Zbrush.

Do movie stars have to audition?

The answer varies depending on the project. If the director has doubts about the suitability of an actor for a role, she may meet with (which is a kind of an audition) and then actually audition a

Which Indian English Channel shows latest Hollywood movies?

Hi There,There are some popular channel available in India which are showing really good and latest Hollywood movies. Some channels are available in HD also, which offers a superior viewing experience with amazing picture quality.Following is the channels list for Hollywood Movie in India.Star Movies ActionHBO South Asia

Is it a good idea to increase vocabulary by watching English movies?

In my opinion, English movies are a great way to get the fluency of phrases and some modern ways of saying things. You can learn some vocabulary , no doubt about it. But is it a good way to learn vocabulary or are there some better ways of doing so?Well, I think reading good novels