What Is Better For Fat Loss: Short Workouts Or Long Workouts?

Why do work out is done. Means extra work to burn extra mass/fat/water retained by body due to excess feeding over and above its requirement.

On whose advice we had over/ frequent eaten. Just because of social status within friends circle/relatives/gatherings or we ourself die to eat.

It is myth created that we should never skip breakfast yet we do sleep after eating something at 2 am and that breakfast should be like a king. Heavy lunch is must beside of n on munching. After evening tiffin with tea n coffee, we are tired. So we drink with munching and at last DINNER with various cuisine. All these habits put on weight unwillingly. Then one day we start to do work out. If we had used small spoons and small bowls instead of table spoon and full plates, there was no need for any work out.

Instead of doing working outs, reduce food quantity cutting of fats, milk n it's various forms, protien etc. Just replace 70% whatever we are eating with vegetables and salads. See miracles of metabolism. In next 3 months, body will shed all extra wrapping with glowing skin.

I am at 71 maintaining 64–66 +-2 kilo weight (ht 64″)since last 40 years. I do not do any exercise but do walk for any work.

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