What Microsoft Excel hacks changed the way you work?

Don't know that I'd call it a hack but Powerquery has completely changed Excel for me. I can automate repetitive tasks in under an hour usually and it's fairly easy to learn.

I took a process of reviewing invoices that wasn't even being done manually because the files were too large and automated the entire thing in under four hours

What is the safest way to get rid of your wife?

For me it would probably be to tell INS she lied on her immigration papers and is a full communist party member and I think she's here to spy for the Chinese government, but then I'm married to a Chinese national (Who I am crazy in love with and would not dream of such a thing even

What is the best way to exercise for weight loss if you are almost 50 and have a neck injury?

Hi and sorry for the delay replying but I been very busy! I would say to get an armchair exercise bike. Its basically just the peddle part of an exercise bike and you just sit in your chair watching TV and peddle away for hours, if TV is good you even forget your doing it, it can

Should I stay at home or move away for a university?

Moving away would of course require more expenses. Shelter, food, financial stability, and getting comfortable with new environment. However, the good side of moving away is you automatically have more time to invest in school due to less distractions. You may find yourself more focused and perhaps learn