What TV-show had your favorite ending?

Californication. I loved the main character despite his flaws. His wit and easygoing nature were so relatable.

It did not have a perfect ending. The main character had a decision to make, each having consequences.

Slight spoiler alert

On the one hand, he can choose to stay with his recently discovered child, and the child's mother.

On the other hand, he can pursue his long-time soulmate and mother of his daughter, by getting on a plane with her.

His son hasn't had much of a father figure, and clearly needs one. Things are going well between him and his son's mother.

His daughter is grown, and had a father figure (him). His daughter's mother has been off-again on-again with him for the better part of two decades.

He chooses to pursue his daughter's mother. Despite all the pitfalls along the way, it had always been her. She was the one for him, and he went full romantic sap with a poem and everything, and it appealed to the romantic in me. It was a satisfying culmination to all the "almosts" and screwups throughout the series that prevented them getting back together or ruined things when they were.

He chose personal happiness over being there for his son, but it still felt like the right choice. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for him.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever felt?

Umm, For telling the respective story , have to start from the beginning!STAY TUNED!It was decided that I'll go to Amity University, Noida for pursuing Fashion Designing ! It was like a dream come true for me because I have always wanted to be a great Fashion Designer one day and well that was the

Do medical students enjoy their life?

Thanks for the A2A Sameera KhaderSure we do! Every single person in my class, has undoubtedly had his share of enjoyment!Let me break the age old myth, that medicos are forever drowned in their books. We aren't, really. We either study on regular basis for a maximum of 3–4 hours, while some of us run