What TV shows or movies did you watch as a kid that you shouldn't have?

When I was five: The Twilight Zone. My parents loved that show, and allowed me to watch with them; I really can't tell you why. When my father worked late, Mom couldn't watch alone. She would make us lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches and we'd huddle on the couch, eating and trembling.

When I was six, Mom and Dad and I went to the drive-in for a double feature. We had a Jeep CJ-5, and they took out the back seat and piled up a bunch of blankets and pillows...a comfy place for me to sleep while they watched the second feature, "Psycho." They didn't know until years later that I was awake the whole time, peering at the screen from between their bucket seats. It's a good thing I didn't take showers, only baths, when I was a kid.

And when I was 11 and home alone one night in our midtown Manhattan apartment, I watched "Fail-Safe." In the last scene, when the atomic bomb was dropped on New York City, I ran downstairs and sat with our doorman until my parents got home.

Even so, I'm a fairly well-adjusted adult.

My Dad was a wonderful Dad in many ways; he was gentle, kind, quirky, generous, very funny and daft as a brush. However a few modern day parents would recoil in horror at what he used to let us watch or make us watch as kids. It was mostly the shit he was into of course. We got to watch all the old Hammer Horror films and all The Monty Python films and bloody Jaws, ‘We're going to need a bigger boat!' Indeed, and we're going to need some fresh bed sheets.

It gave me a life long love of the surreal, of the absurd, of horror and of comedy. When I got older I got him into Twin Peaks, David Lynch, David Cronenberg and we'd also sit and laugh our arses off at dogs exploding their blood and guts over their sweet little old lady owner in The League of Gentlemen. I miss you Dad.

I've kind of carried on the tradition with my own daughter, we watch RuPaul's Drag Race together every Monday night.

I wasn't allowed to watch the show "Ironside" but sometimes watched it anyway. In one episode, a woman died getting a back alley abortion. We were all six or seven, and had NO idea what an abortion was.

Fast forward one week, and my mom had several friends over. All of the kids were playing together in one room, including one I'll call "Maureen."

Apparently, we had gotten too quiet for the adults liking and my mother called to us: "What are you kids doing in there?"

I replied "We're giving Maureen an abortion!" The moms ran in really quickly, and seemed very upset. A few months later the nuns at Catholic school made us sign a petition against abortion, but wouldn't tell us what it was.

"Tales Of The Unexpected"

Here's the theme tune "Opening Titles & Closing Credits"

The original Psycho when I was around 12 or 13.

I had already seen it's sequel and the original came on television several months later during the late evening. As it was school week, I was told that I had to go to bed early and miss the film, but back then I had a portable gaming system that could be turned into a tv. So, I watched it quietly while under the covers.

The other one was Basic Instinct. My parents rented it and left the VHS tape lying around in the kitchen. They had planned to watch it later. So, I grabbed it, watched it and then put it back where I found it.

At 6 years old alone

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