What act made you fell in love with your spouse by an arranged marriage?

Arrange marriage it is a journey towards meeting someone and seeing your partner for life in them. So, this act me fell in love with my hubby by an arranged marriage..!!!

1. Socially compatible

2. Mutual respect

3.Strong bond with the family

4.Higher level of adjustment

5.Strong sense of commitment

What are speed coupling and torque coupling?

Thanks for the A2ATorque and speed coupling is a method of connecting the wheels and the engine in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) in which a planetary gear system is used to decouple the engine speed and a shaft fixed gear unit is used to decouple torque from that of the wheels (vehicle). This allows the engine to work

How do prey defend themselves from predators?

Prey can do many things to defend and escape from predators. In the case of a cheetah and gazelle, the gazelle will try to out run and out maneuver the cheetah so the cheetah becomes exhausted and gives up. Chipmunks and mice try to