What actually is falling in love?

Have you ever been on a Roller-coaster and felt simultaneously nauseous and invigorated? Okay yeah cool, cause it's nothing like that.

Ever been blind? Ever lost your appetite and not even realized it? Have you ever been so overwhelmed that deep cries, or words of Shakespeare could not even come close to mimicking your inner feelings? Yeah, that's not it either.

Have you ever felt your lowest, but know that to be able to continue on, would mean seeing them again, so maybe life is perhaps worth living? No. not again.

Ever respected the mind, body and soul of a being so dearly, and wanted to be perfect for them, and wanted to do something for them, and whatever your plans about life you include them? Did they react with laughter and a heartwarming embrace when you do something stupid? Well, that might be it.

This is my definition of love. It should be evident in the way you act and the things you do more than in the things you say and promise.

The first, it feels like a fulfillment. It's all those stories you've read, all the movies you've seen come to life, except now you know it from the inside out. The love itself is like the end goal, just knowing how it feels. It's a celebration. Everything is perfect, and nothing can go wrong.

Second, it feels like an addiction. You know what you're going through and you're scared, but you remember with distinction the wonderful clear high points as well as the wretched comedown. You know you're falling into something that can destroy you, and maybe has, once before, but you can't help it. You want to feel that incalculable warmth again, the one that comes when you think of their face and let the sunlight flood up through you. You know you're probably killing yourself but you don't care, you don't, it's not worth being alive, if you're always going to be who you were without this.

Every time after that, it's a surrender. You know what you're going through and you're just a bit removed, enough to observe the undulations your emotions are going through but not enough, never far enough away not to feel it. You know how badly it can go and you're helpless to keep yourself back. You want to control the trajectory of this unbelievable dopamine rocket tearing through your insides but you can't seem to hold it down hard enough to keep the stupid words and idiot texts from ripping through your mouth and fingers. It blows you apart just as clean as it did that first time, but you know enough now to be terrified of where it'll land - and you can't help but follow that sugar-pink rocket tail with your eyes and hope that this time, please just this one time, it'll find its target and stick.

The lastly is an erosion. It's looking at a face that used to light up your field of view like fireworks and only seeing embers. It's arguing over groceries and toilet paper and shared bank accounts, and every time you open your mouth you're sure that each word is chipping away at this enormous and beautiful thing that you're not sure you can even see the edges of anymore. It's holding their face in your heart and there's a warmth there, but nothing like the bonfires and wizardry and story time perfection that happened the first time you saw them. But then they look to the side. And their hand squeezes your knee just a little, and their smile is like old leather creaking and crinkling into a shape it's well-used to holding. They don't feel like fireworks anymore, no, not anymore - they feel like home. They belong in you, and you belong in them.

I'm falling in love with someone right now. I can feel it happening. I know I shouldn't and I know I literally can't be the right person for her, but she makes me feel things that I haven't felt in years. On one hand I want to be there for her, protect her, look after her, comfort her, but on the other hand I am afraid of letting our relationship go because I don't want to hurt her.

If it's someone you aren't supposed to fall in love with it's the best and worst feeling in the world at the same time.

Strictly speaking, it is a thought process where someone goes from not knowing a person to the point where life is difficult to think of without him/her. Love can come in thousands of forms: the love for a pet, love for music, the arts, love for people and so on. Falling in love with a person is an amazing experience. Everyone has their particular people who they like a lot. As the feeling grows, the person gradually becomes who we talk to the most, share experiences with, have fun times with, and be there for each other in the time of need. Slowly but surely, we start feeling a kind of emotional intimacy towards the person. It progresses to the point where life would seem bland and boring without him/her. We start feeling an urge to get to know them better, we start thinking of them many times, and want to make them happy by doing things for them such as random presents, complimenting them on their looks, interests and so on. Somewhere along this timeframe, we have the thought of a life together with him/her, and those thoughts turn real deep. We start talking till late in the night, start sharing the most personal stuff with each other, stuff that even your parents​ might not know. You start becoming possessive and protective of the other person. And that's when you realise you're in love. Speaking from experience!

What falling in love means, is different for everyone, but personally? I've always felt that finding love, is the reason we are here. To find the one who means more to you than even yourself, the one you dream about, the one you cannot live without. They become part of you, the best part. They are everything, you never knew, you always wanted. Being in love is a feeling unlike any other, and when you find love? You'll know, it's like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it. It's how she can,with just a look,make you feel almost invincible.Your confidence soars, when your in love you realize you're no longer alone. They can bring meaning to an otherwise meaningless life. We have all heard of older couples who, once one die's? The other will too, because physically, they can't survive without the other half-You become one half of the whole.If your lucky enough to find that kind of love? Then your happily ever after, becomes reality-Good Luck-

Do you think before you breathe? Or when you sleep, do you remember that moment between here and there before the sandman shifts you into the land where this becomes that and all of you rests? So, you want to know what falling in love is? Like that dream that is captured in the breath between the still of the inhale to the exhale, the fragrance of desire consumes you in a stricken mess. The world disappears save for that flavored moisture that wets your mind as your whole being wants to be taken with the kiss from your love to dwell where time stops. Hard to breathe, impossible to think, pain consumes your body in gentle tugs as you long to hold and be told your love is accepted and reciprocated. Your hands parlor between the sheets into the still of the night, and it is there you find yourself alone with nothing save for that person you attached all of you to. The love of wanting showers your every emotion to be deaf and the only thing that exist is this Love. How do you fall in love? With and in between every beat of your heart.

Falling in love is a chemical reaction in the body toward a love interest that is overwhelming. Sometimes people can't sleep or eat from the excitement and connection. It is a mysterious chemistry that can feel like you connected with a soul mate. It is a powerful experience that can take a person by surprise but once it happens, it escalates and there will be no doubt you are falling in love.

Love is a lunacy .

You can either fall in love or rise in love .

You know you are in love when you really start caring for someone . His/ her absence will make a difference . Then there comes expectations . You ‘ll have imaginary expectations from him/her . The reality will cease to exist for the time being . You'll be either extremely happy or sad. Everything around you will be intense.

If you are elated then you are probably rising in love. Go for it . It ‘ll be one of the most beautiful feelings you ever felt . Enjoy it. It ‘ll make you a better person .

On the other hand if it makes you sad then probably something is not right . Destiny probably has some other plans .

Falling in love is like eating in KFC.

Ordered 1pc fried chicken for two. I gave all the chicken skin and gravy to you. I only have my share of rice and meat, you smiled because you got the best part of the treat. You know how much I love that chicken skin, but hey, I don't mind giving you everythin'.

I just want to see you smile and you having me at my best. You will always be the flower, I'll get rid of the pest. I'd do everything for you, even if I had to end my life to rest.

PS: Yeah I know, I'm a bad poet. I wrote this without a scratch.

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