What age did you get your kids a smartphone?

Though I'm not a parent, I received my smartphone once I turned 16.

At the charter school I go to, there are both middle school students and high school students. Most of the 6th graders, assuming that the majority of them are 12, have smartphones. Are they responsible with them? Not really. Most of them in fact get their precious babies confiscated.

If you're asking for the sake of responsibility, then I would wait until you know that your child is at least understanding of how much a phone bill costs, at least data-wise. I have a cousin who's on a family plan of 16 gigabytes. Surely with him being irresponsible, he would blow through 14 of them within a couple of weeks, then much more and the bill would skyrocket through the roof.

One more thing-social media. We have all said dumb things on Facebook(I sure did), and cause a ruckus. If you know your kid is not on a good level of maturity, then hold off on getting them that iPhone.

Also if your kiddo is going to have a smartphone, get a case and a glass screen protector, it'll help.

The got "top of the line" dumb phones (with a QWERTY snap out key board) as seniors in high school and they kept those all through college. When they graduated college in 2013 and 2014 they got their own "family plan" (between the two of them) and now have smart phones.

Prior to senior year of high school they had the "7–11" disposable dumb phones with $25 of time on it for emergencies.


At the age of 13. He had a laptop at the age of 11 or 12. He used his laptop more than his mobile phone until age 16. It is last few years that he is more attached to his phone. I am unhappy to see a 6 months old child playing with mobile phone. I hope the parents know the risks involved.

My kid was 12, he's now 15.

What are the names of some books which are good for kids (age 8-15)?

I would suggest "Children's Knowledge Bank" (Pustak Mahal publication). It has six volumes and each volume has information on wide variety of topics written concisely in simple language. If the child is interested in reading or a particular subject/topic then this book might be of help to a good start in enhancing one's general knowledge.

Is using a cell phone with a non removable battery good? Does it have any drawback?

It has only one drawback that after a few years when your phone's battery will not hold charge, you have to go to a service center, wait for a few days to get your battery replaced by the factory.