What age do guys stop growing in height? If I started growing at 13 or 14 and am currently 16 what age can I expect my height to stop?

To correct some thing: you didn't start growing at 13, your growth just became rapid because of puberty. At age 13 probably was your onset of puberty characterised by growing pubic hair, husky voice, blah blah blah.

I'm 19 and 1.93m; I don't think I've stopped growing. Although my growth speed has reduced drastically but I still feel I'm growing; trousers get shorter, and sleeves of shirts I bought recently no longer reach my wrist and I'm longer than my bed :-(. Based on science and biology, growing should cease around late teens or early 20s. It depends on your genetics and heredity. Although we never actually stop growing, it's just becomes so little that it's not noticeable.

You're 16, so I'm guessing you still have a lot of growing to do :-D

I advise you get short sleeves if you don't want to change shirts every 3 months. I'm talking from experience.


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