What am I frustrated and angry at?

Thanks for A2A Brandon.

Frustrations and getting angry have become common among people because they overthink about certain happenings in their life and get upset about it.

And this is natural and a negative sign which prevails over us. Everybody faces problems in life and some get over it and some people brood over it. It's in your hands what you prefer to do.

Past is past and nothing can be done to change it. It's over. And the people or things that have hurt you needs to be forgotten or at least not thought about frequently.

For this you need to have self control. You need to tell yourself that I'm doing fine and I shouldn't be worrying about that and shouldn't be getting angry over things that's already happened cos you are spoiling your present . Things happen. Some good and some bad. Think more of good things and try forgetting the bad.

I'm no expert but my guess is there's something in your past that bothers you because things didn't turn out how you wanted them to. You blame those things for your unhappiness, you feel something is missing and when your recall the past you still feel it was unfair. I suggest you let go, forgive and forget. And stay away from everything that will lead you to start thinking about those things or those people from the past. You have to make a conscience decision to stop your mind from going there.

Your question is missing direction. What ever you hide - it's killing you.

Direction comes from being passionate about something. Get out of your twisted comfort zone - or your paralysis through analysis.. Find a church that does PADS- go help them set up. Volunteer to feed hungry people. Give someone some help when they don't expect it. Find a local American Legion, and ask what can you do to help. They might give you 20 minutes of work. You will feel purpose and grow out of you shit. That price - that 20 minutes - its priceless. You need to devote yourself to others.

YOU DO THESE THINGS, and do them passionately, like it's the last thing you want to finish in a day; and your brain will not have space for this.. this darkness. You can and will move on.

When you recall certain incidents of life you may feel angry or frustrated when you feel those thing were not supposed to happen to you or if you were treated badly or if you were really embarrased of your behaviour and you expected someone else at that moment but you were alone .It may also happen if you are not ready to overcome that situation of your life.

You had done something that you were not supposed to do and got caught or you feel guilty within yourself.

The best way to overcome is by thinking it all past and try not to do it again.

There are certain things which only we remember than the others.

I'm no therapist or any of the many Quora geniuses on here but maybe you're feeling regret, I kinda have a similar issue when I think about the past. I think of past decisions I've made and think of how things could've been different because maybe someone that I felt hurt me in the past didn't get what they deserved and now I'm just left thinking how I could've got back at them but since it's in the past I can just feel bitter and angry at how things never worked out that way. So maybe you're just unsatisfied with these past events and wish you can change them and realizing you can't frustrates you

I don't know if this is right or wrong but I thought maybe this answer can help you piece together your own problem.

Please feel free to mail me directly, I think I can help you.

There is an exercise that you can do to work through your experience to find the root and then the trigger and then ultimately hand you back the driving wheel on your emotions.

You need a journal/notebook and a couple of pens (3 colours). First colour, take the pen and let your thoughts and distress and feelings flow onto the page as freely and expressively as you can. Keep going as long as you have more to say.

Step two: Take pen colour 2 - underline/highlight every aspect that you've written that is an expression of how you feel, and give yourself permission to feel those things.

Step three: Take pen colour 3 - underline/highlight all the factual statements that you've made.

Then review what you have discovered in this exercise. Write yourself a conclusion.

See if this gives you some clarity in the situation.

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