What animal is most loyal to humans besides dogs?

I have owned a cockatiel since the first grade. I'm 21 now and I went away to college for the first time last year. I was gone almost four months and I was afraid he would forget me. But when I came home he still behaved the same way around me.

Parrots are social birds and once you're considered to be a part of their flock they always want to be around you.

Also whenever he is frightened he always climbs onto me whether it's my shoulder or chest. He truly trusts me and is happy when he has company. 

Probably horses. After dogs, I think they're the most likely to try to help you if something scary happens. I've seen them shield people from other horses, panic at the sound of a gunshot and then come back to try to "save" their human, and even go out looking, unprompted, for their human if they think they've lost them. Like dogs, they form lasting relationships with people and think of them as family.

What country do you enjoy visiting, but wouldn't want to live there?

well i traveled Aerbaijan few years ago and i really enjoyed my visit there but i feel i can go there for holidays only and cant live there forever its not like that if any thing wrong with Azerbaijan but think is i cant live there for no of reason the no

What is the Eldritch Curse?

Well it usually happens when you try to list all elements in a set, i.e. name a bunch of things. It usually happens with vegetables but it can happen with almost anything, as long as it's a large enough list. It's easy if you just remember not to name off a bunch of things like,