What animals scare people most? Why?

The most common animals (and bugs) that people fear are:

Spiders, mice, moths, sharks, bees, certain dogs (mainly pit bulls, Rottweilers...), snakes, etc.

These fears can have any cause, such as evolutionary. With sharks, the fear is pretty self explanatory. But animals like spiders which are mainly harmless, may have been linked to many deaths a thousand years ago. Perhaps they used to be larger or more poisonous.

These fears can also rise from life experiences. If a little boy was attacked by a chow chow and had to be hospitalized, he likely will fear chow chows (or all other dogs in extreme cases) for a long time after his incident.

Fears of animals can arise when a person is surrounded by lots of people who are scared of that animal. For example, a child may develop a fear of snakes after she sees her mother panic around every snake they come across.

There also can be no apparent cause for the fear of that certain animal.

Personally, I have a major fear of spiders...

How to make the gym a habit

Well frankly I started working out because I was madly in love with a girl, whose boyfriend had a 6 pack, and I thought if I wanted to win her I need to be someone! She was my motivation at the start. The problem here is you'll be all pumped up,

What are some very underrated, underused, unconventional exercises for strength?

Some of my favourites : most of these are older than the conventional stuff but they got pushed back.Some of my favourites:Kroc rows with fat grips.Zercher squatStrongman events: especially husafel stone farmers walk and atlas stones.Jefferson deadlift.Snatch grip pulls/ high pulls.Uncommon bodyweight work: invert rows / burpee broad

My girlfriend said I‘m too fat and she doesn't want to sleep with me. How do I lose weight fast?

If weight loss is your girlfriend's idea, then you should leave your girlfriend. If not then you can proceed.Why I am saying that? Because if it is her wish, then you will not be able to lose weight. No one can fulfill others wish and everyone knows that.Now come to the real point,