What annoys psychopaths?

I'm not a psychopath but a pretty good reader of people. English is not my first language so forgive errors in the writing. The list could be made long as someone above said and there will probably be repetitions if what other others might have have said as I haven't read all answers.

Example of what's annoys a psychopath Majorly is when someone they perceive as inferior tries to measure up to them.

They are human beings after all and they do have very strong emotional responses on basic primal feelings like anger and fear, although they will do all they can to hide anger, when it does not serve a direct purpose, and they will least of all admit fear although that's is one of their strongest motivators.

What completely Angers a psychopath is when they are rediculed, do that in public or in a setting that they are not entirely comfortable in and you also get a strong fear response in them. Done skillfully this will completely put them off balance. In a setting where they can't really "escape" you can evoke a complete meltdown. You need to know what you are doing here though as doing this without a purpose can have dire consequences. Rest assured of payback.

A effective way is to redicule them on the complete disconnect between what they are TryIng to project and their lack understanding of the mismatch. All with a superior voice, posture and dismissive attitude. You need to be on their level though which not many can be but we all have psychopathical tendencies, it's a play on and off emotions on the subject person with your complete disconnect to the equal response but a solid understanding of the feelings evoked in your counterpart. They are usually very logical so all your reasoning must be very logical so it enters them so to speak and they you murky the waters by connecting the logics to emotions and highlighting their lack of their understanding of this. Something they usually and falsely pride themselves of the opposite of, they get away with that becuse most people have an even worse understanding of it.

If you can master to play on anger and fear in Any person you pretty much can evoke any response you want. But beware, this is extremely dangerous with a psychopath and should only be part of an End-game with them where you are sure that they are completely removed from your sphere of reception and life rapidly afterwards.

Books can be written on this but know this the last thing a true psychopath will admit is being one, unless it serves a purpose of admiting being one. I don't think most people with strong psychopathic tendencies would even know that is the case. As with any "disorder" you also have highly functioning ones, they are usually super good at certain areas of expertise or interest.

For some reason psychopaths have been labeled as highly intelligent, now this is my own opinions. It's not that they are "smarter", but in a wierd way they become "smarter" as an effect, it's just that they can both analyze and make decisions without involving emotions that are counterproductive. You see many super successful entrepreneurs with really strong psychopathic tendencies, they analyze and make decisions with less emotions attached. Anyone doing the same thing will have good results, except in perhaps personal relationships that are not codependent. Also I think psychopaths are super curious because of their interest to manipulate their surroundings to their will, not necessarily in a directly "bad" way, just to their Will, this means that you will get a very strong natural tendency to instinctively "understand" how and why things works they way they do without clouding preceptions with emotions. Kind of like how some effective AI will one day work perhaps.

Combine that with a capacity to make "emotionless" decisions and you have a "good" template for what leads to success in our current world. I would say that many of them certainly fill a very important place, the highly functioning ones that are more "aware" and have a high set of moral and ethical standards, which is rare in any person to start with but it happens, then really impressive things can happen I think.

Then again many aren't psychopaths, just naive and childish people who are so scared of their feelings that they have a disconnect to them. That might qualify most of us depending on where in life we are :).

To intentionally annoy anyone is a bad idea psychopath or not it will Always have a unnecessary price, to intentionally anger anyone is of course worse. Don't click? Say thanks have a great day and goodbye :)

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