What are Biswapati's favorite English TV shows?

In no particular order, here my 20 favourite TV shows of all time.

1. The Wire
2. South Park
3. Seinfeld
4. The West Wing
5. Extras
6. Fawlty Towers
7. Fargo
8. Game of Thrones
9. Breaking Bad
10. Mr. Bean
11. The Thick of It
12. Community
13. Blackadder
14. Prison Break (upto Season 2)
15. Sherlock
16. The Office (US)
17. It's always sunny in Philadelphia
18. Freaks and Geeks
19. Hustle
20. Spaced

I might have missed/disliked/not seen a few of the popular ones. But this list should give you a pretty good idea about the kind of shows I like.
It is said crocodiles did not really evolve since their appearance. How much would they be different as a species if they did?

How different crocodiles would look if they had evolved more... that's a very open-ended question. I apologize in advance if the following sounds very far-fetched. The question is forcing me to go way out on a limb.Let me put it into perspective: Richard Dawkins claims, and I believe

What electric car company will replace Tesla in the future?

How many years out are we talking? I think it could happen based on safety features, other innovative features, cost of the vehicles and how hip or trendy the competitors cars become. The one who surpasses Tesla will have the same attributes as Apple does today. If Musk steps down as the brains

Why isn't our sun a nova star?

Flippant answer: If Sun were a nova star, you would not be here to ask this question!Serious answer:A nova star is a white dwarf in a close orbit around a bigger companion. Hydrogen streams from the companion onto white dwarf, and when it reaches sufficient mass, it blows up in a spectacular thermonuclear explosion. Not enough to destroy either