What are Indian cooking tips for those who are extremely poor at it?

Some cooking tips are as follows:-

  1. Add whole spices ( whole "Garam Masala " like whole cloves/Black peppercorns/Green Cardamom etc) when the oil is medium hot and give little time to infuse their flavours into the oil befoer you add your main ingredients.
  2. To prevent spices from burning when added to oil you can make a mixture of the powdered spices such as turmeric,coriander powder,cumin powder etc with little water ( not too much water ) so that when you add them into the oil their chances of burning is much reduced.
  3. You can also add the powdered spices along with Tomato(if using) ,the juice from the tomato will prevent the spices from burning.
  4. If you are making Fried Rice,usually made with Basmati rice( for Indian cooking) always try to use a flat bottom utensil with raised sides and a glass lid.The flat bottom increases the surface are for even cooking and the glass lid will help to keep an eye on the rice and prevent it from getting overcooked of mushy.
  5. For deep frying like making fritters temperature of the oil is important,if its too hot the pakoras or fritters will instantly burn outside with the inside uncooked. To check if the oil has right temperature just add a small pinch of batter into the oil,it will rise up and the colour of the pinch of batter when fried will also give hint whether the oil is ready or not,if the pinch of batter takes long time to rise up then the oil is not yet ready.
  6. Before cooking Non veg dishes like Chicken marinate it,this will increase the flavour when you cook it in the curry.
  7. If you have time in hand then use fresh ground spices for increased flavour and fresg crushed ginger garlic instead of the ready made store bought.
  8. If you are making Saag ( green leafy ) then always add the salt at the end because they considerably reduce in volume so if you add salt before then you may end up adding much more salt than needed.
  9. If you are adding curd/yoghurt in any curries then to prevent it from curdling always whisk it nicely,low the flame before adding and as you add stir well into the curry.(Sometimes adding very little flour into the curd reduces its chance of curdling,though I myself did not try this tip,so not very sure about it).
  10. Last but not the least,mistakes helps to make us better,so do not be afraid to experiment with various ingredients,our Cuisine is a treasure house of spices,each state has their unique ways of using the same spices in various ways.Try them out and enjoy cooking :).

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Kitchen With a Purpose

Indian cooking tips for those who are extremely poor at it-

#TIP 1. Start cooking in small quantity. This way if it does not comes out well, it won't be wasted much.

#TIP 2. Start with some simple recipes like Dal - Chawal, Indian Omlet, Chai - Coffee etc. They always work.

#TIP 3. Always cook on low flame.

#TIP 4. A pressure cooker will always save your time and efforts.

#TIP 5. Always cover the dishes while cooking, it will speeds up your cooking process.

I hope these cooking tips will help you get more fun out of cooking!

1st Tip : U aren't bad, just lazy

2nd : Indian spices are the "Real Daddys" of all the dishes.Unless u wish to master a particular dish,feel free to stick to the basics. The masalas are common for most of the dishes.

3rd : Start cooking. Slowly, but eventually, u'll get there

Cook the onions properly.

Don't add spices early in cooking. Spices will burn and lose their flavour. Except for turmeric powder and chilli powder. Turmeric tastes od if it's not cooked properly.

Milk helps soothe the acidity of chilli. If it's too hot.. Have a glass of milk or a bowl of curd /yogurt.

Always cook at low/medium heat.

If you are frying, and what you are frying is thick, start drying at high temp but then reduce the flame to medium and continue to fry. This will allow your food to cook all the way thru.

Add a bit of salt while frying. This helps reduce the amount of oil the food absorbs.

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