What are appropriate classroom behaviors?

Depending on the culture we belong to, it varies, I think.  In our culture, students are required to sit quietly and listen attentively to their teachers.  Asking questions during the class is not required so much.  They usually come to see their teachers to ask the questions that they didn't understand.  It's embarrassing to ask during the class so students are expected to sit quietly by taking memos in the notebooks.  So when I went to America and saw the students raise their hands a lot and express their opinions, I was amazed.  We are the same human beings but the way we think is right is very different, which fascinated me.

Coming to class and being prepared to learn.

Remaining seated at all times unless instructed otherwise, or given permission to leave seat.

Following all directions given by the teacher.

Staying focused on the lesson and tasks assigned.

Taking notes on teachers lessons.

Participating in the class.

Treating the teacher and fellow students with respect.

Staying awake and alert (no putting head on desk to sleep).

As a teacher, I want students to sit attentively, to listen carefully, to ask questions, and to follow directions. These behaviors work in classrooms from kindergarten to graduate school. It helps to be polite, friendly, and prepared, too.

How close have we gotten to the speed of light?

Manned spacecraft: Apollo. Over 11 km/s, or close to 0.004% of the speed of light.Unmanned spacecraft: New Horizons: 16.3 km/s, or about 0.0054% of the speed of light.Elementary particle: Electrons in the LEP (the Large Electron-Positron collider, the experiment that previously

Do two people see shapes the same?

My brother loves liver. It makes me wretch. Same liver, different perceptions. However, we both agree that it is liver.I do not know that you see the structural shape of this writing in the same way that I do. But we both agree that it is

Does anyone seriously believe the world is flat?

Only the mentally defective - everyone else is either:Trolls looking for an argument (hint: don't give them one), orPeople making money from ads on YouTube, etc, who encourage others to come watch their stupid videos.