What are best Fashion Tips and tricks That Will Change Your Life?

As it's said "Devil is in the details".. If you do this, it will change your life.. Let's discuss details now:-

  • Know your body type, it is a must.. Everything works around it..
  • Wear right undergarments.. Like nude shade bra under white top/dress.. Strapless bra with tube dress etc..
  • Leather and Denim jackets are must.. Buy classic designs not trendy ones..
  • Scarves are must haves in winters as well as summers.. They get outfit to next level..
  • Find right Denim and save it for life.. High waist/Low waist/Mid waist/ Skinny/Straight fit/Boot cut etc find what suits your body type and stick to it.. These are everyday staple you can't go wrong with it..
  • Organize your wardrobe every 3 months.. It will help you to know what you have, what you need to buy and what to discard..
  • Stop buying because something is on sale or cheap.. Buy things you need.. Impulse buying is killing your style, you end with things you don't need, can't mix and match, don't know how to style..
  • Buy pieces you can wear more than one way..
  • Wear leggings with long tops.. It has nothing to do with morality or modesty.. It just looks ugly.. Body looks weird..
  • Balance loose with tight piece of garment.. Don't wear all loose or tight..
  • Wear clothing according to seasons.. People look funny wearing shorts in winters..
  • Learn few easy hairstyles, you need to look great head-to-toe..
  • Invest in footwear, bags and a nice watch..
  • Keep makeup as natural as you can.. You will look fresh and young..
  • Last but not least.. Be confident!!!

There are no hard and fast rules in fashion.. I just shared some guidelines and tips.. Follow ones which work for you.. And comment below if you would like to add something..

Thank you!!

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