What are biggest misconceptions about religion?

What are biggest misconceptions about religion?

That such a question could even be answered.

"Religion" is not a single thing. Religion is thousands of different views held by billions of different humans. No one could possibly make any general statement about "religion" and expect it to be true of all religions, yet people try all the time:

  • Why is "religion" this?
  • How is "religion" like that?
  • When will "religion" end?
  • If aliens exist, will that mean the end of "religion"?
  • Why are "religious" people like X?
  • Why do "religious" people do Y? (where X and Y are usually things every human does)
  • Is "religion" true?
  • Is "religion" bullshit?

None of these are valid questions. Because we cannot possibly generalize about "religion" as if it were all one thing.

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