What are classroom problems?

As a teacher, I feel kids are demotivated because they're supposed to learn stuff they often don't want to. They have to memorise stuff that's really unnecessary - all this info is easily accessible on the net or in books.

We're all so scared to say things that may offend someone that much is not said or is spoken about superficially, when meaningful discussion actually is broached. Kids are so smart and so tuned in to the world. We can learn from them yet, in the classroom, many teachers are so dictatorial that we stifle learning and growth on all sides.

I wish teachers could get together to talk about ways to make school relevant to society today so that children leave school as more than just products or fodder for the capitalist/profit-driven, materialistic world we live in. We are more than that. We are better than that.

For me, these are problems in the classroom.

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