What are four basic habits for generally good health?

Daily life style activities are sufficient to stay fit & away of health centers or hospitals. So all we need is to focus & improve on below options (Just listing major 4 habits sufficient).

  1. Breath Right - Yes we all breath, but in this fast sedentary life style, we tend to forget right form of breathing & just do chest breathing which is wrong. Right form of breathing in rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing, where your belly comes out while inhale & goes to normal while exhale (your chest or shoulder may also expand while inhaling but its not mandatory). Also keep your breathing normal & rhythmic, not forcible belly breathing. Gradually by practice you will improve. You may look to some toddler or any animal in sleep for right form of breathing.
  2. Sleep Right - Yes, right form of sleep of 7 to 8 hours for any person > 10 years of age is necessary. But with right form, which means you must not hesitate investing in right quality sleeping mattress & AC. Best healthy sleep pattern is with coir foam mattress (right proportion) & bed room temperature of approx. 10 degree lesser to normal body temperature. (Approx. 20 Celsius to 25 Celsius degree is good).
  3. Stay Hydrated - Our body is majorly made of water (approx. 70 %). So staying hydrated will help heal & nurture overall body. And you will feel energized throughout the day. Make sure to drink pure water or juice but temperature of the drink should be near our body temperature (15 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius).
  4. Nourish - Eating right & avoiding junk is good, along with the knowledge of what to eat when for maximum health benefit. (Eg. Avoid drinking water 40 mins before & after meals along with 40 mins before sleep or best time to drink milk is 30 mins before sleep time). We must also avoid processed or packaged health drinks or nutritious foods, you may get least benefits of processed or packaged foods. Try to eat natural foods instead.

Hope this helps for person in need.

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