What are good and bad life choices?

Bad life choices are those that ultimately bring more pain and negativity to you and others than pleasure and positivity, wheares good choices are the opposite. Say, for example, you decide to try cocaine. The immediate effects are a lot of pleasure. In the long run though, that one decision often leads people into crippling debt, into lying to those they love and into destroying their relationships; the overall pain and negativity that came from the original decison is much more than the pleasure.

On the other hand, however, if you decide to work on that english paper for another 2 hours (or stay at work, or do a workout, etc.) instead of doing nothing, the long-term positivity & pleasure that will stem from that decision is greater than the short-term pain of working. This, in my opinion, consititutes a good life choice.

Should a teacher ever teach a class his or her child is taking in public school?

It happens.  Sometimes it can be a problem and sometimes it's not problem at all.I know in my school we have a series of policies in place in order to ensure this kind of situation has the best possible outcome.Such as - generally teachers aren't timetabled

Do Apple and Microsoft work together?

Thanks for the A2A.Absolutely! Believe it or not, Apple and Microsoft have pretty much always worked together. In fact, Microsoft has a dedicated business unit that operates almost like a separate entity that does nothing but do stuff for Apple products.Apple also has

If my phone is in flight mode, will it emit radiation?

No they don't.Why?Because when the phone is being switched off or put into airplane mode,it sends a  "switched off "signal to the nearest MSO (A co-ordinating office for transferring phone calls).Now,the MSO updates the status of your phone number as "switched off".So when anybody calls you, it first goes to the MSO